How do I use GoZen! with my students/clients?

First things first. Let’s talk about how you share the videos with students.

  1. In Person: You can start the video on your device (log in on and click the animated video you’d like to share) and all watch together. That could mean on a large screen for an entire classroom or a smaller screen for one-on-one or small group scenarios.
  2. Screen Share: Again, you will start the video on your device and screen share with a video conferencing platform of your choice (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.). 

Once you’ve decided how you’ll be sharing the videos, then you have the choice to be as creative as you’d like to be as far as further exploring and discussing the content included in the animated programs.

  • Each animated program includes discussion questions, worksheets, activities, etc. GoZen! and GoStrengths! include lesson plans. GoHackify! includes an in-depth workbook that has both parent and child involvement.
  • Your subscription includes the Printable Library, which contains a large variety of printable and downloadable resources that you can print, share, and download as much as you need in a professional capacity.
    • Pick an activity or game related to the topic you’d like to address.
    • Print out a poster and hang it on the wall to work on a specific goal.
    • Print out one of our printable journals and go through as many pages as you’d like.
    • Check out one of our Story Kits geared specifically toward tweens and teens to discuss relevant topics such as Social Comparison, Self-Compassion, and Perfectionism
    • Choose a mindfulness exercise to talk about and try (I love our Galaxy Breathing exercises). 
    • etc.
  • Use the Animation Library to watch individual clips as review or to hone in on a particular topic you’d like to address (resilience, character strengths, goal-setting, etc.). 
  • We’d love to hear your ideas to share with others. 

GoZen! has just the right framework to provide guidance and structure while still allowing you the freedom to meet your students and clients where they are.