What will we learn about in each of the animated programs?

  • GoZen! for Anxiety and Stress Relief addresses anxiety, excessive worry, reactivity to one's thoughts, impulsive behavior due to lack of metacognition, negative thoughts, anger as a result of underlying worry.
  • GoStrengths! for Resilience teaches SEL skills such as empathy, self-compassion, resilience, active listening, the importance of social connection, character strengths, etc. This program also has an entire module dedicated to teaching about ways to manage and transform anxiety.
  • GoToTheNow! for Mindfulness addresses impulsive and reactive behavior and lack of awareness by introducing and teaching mindfulness skills which can be helpful for a variety of behaviors  (e.g. hyperactivity, worry, impulsivity, inability to regulate emotion, etc.).
  • GoAction! for Procrastination addresses the behavior of procrastination by teaching the skills of self-compassion, self-reflection, planning, goal-setting, and metacognition.
  • GoHackify! for OCD: this program specifically addresses OCD, though the words ‘OCD’ are never included in the program as we’re not here to diagnose or label. It teaches ways to manage intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors through skills of metacognition and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • GoWave! for Panic attacks: this program explores Panic Attacks more fully. It teaches ways to manage this heightened form of anxiety through cognitive behavioral therapy skills.
  • GoPositive! for Negative Thinking brings to light negative thinking patterns such as negative mindset, reactivity, and anger as a result of negative mindset; etc. 
  • GoCharge! for Anger Transformation helps kids and teens understand and change their relationship with anger, impulsivity, and big reactions.