GoMindset! Meditations

Two new bonus animations have just been added to GoMindset! For any kids, tweens, teens, or even grown-ups who want to take on challenges, persevere through frustration, and foster a growth mindset, this animated growth mindset program is for you. This program is available to monthly/annual family and annual professional subscription members.

  1. Gratitude Meditation with Maneesha

Join Maneesha in this walking meditation. This meditation can be used in the morning to start each day with a sense of gratitude, in the evening as a calming reflection on the day that has passed, or as a mid-day mindfulness break.

  1. Mindset Meditation with Maneesha

Participate with Maneesha in this mindset meditation, and start to change the way you think about big challenges. This meditation can be used at any time of day, but is especially helpful before school, homework, housework, or any big challenge set before you.