Do GoZen! resources require parent participation?

While our resources do not require parent involvement (kids are able to navigate the animations and resources easily), we do highly recommend that parents or caregivers participate as facilitators. Have fun with it! 

  • Watch the animated programs on your own and get excited about it-your kids will get excited too. 
  • Make watching GoZen! a family night activity. 
  • Have your child teach you or someone else what they learned. 
  • Use the fun new vocabulary in your everyday life. 
  • Set goals as a family. 
  • Print out favorite resources and hang them around the house. 
  • Watch a parent masterclass on your own or with an older child.
  • Explore one of the story kits or other activities included in the Printable Library.
  • Jump into the Animation Library and watch the videos that look interesting or favorites from the animations you’ve already watched.
  • Focus on your own goals.
  • etc. 

All GoZen! resources are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology principles and, as such, are applicable for any age. (Yes, even you). So, do parents and caregivers have to participate? No, we get to participate!